Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 1 VLOG: Stem Cell Transplant Update from the Hospital

So hey guys!

Here's my VLOG within a BLOG...

I got here yesterday so I guess it's technically "day 2." It was a rough day yesterday and I've been really frustrated, annoyed and not feeling too perky so I'm just in a SHIT mood.

Sorry bout the cursing, but it's truth. It's not a fantastic update or anything that took too much time, so don't expect much. Maybe on the next one, I'll go all like Steven Spielberg and earn an Oscar. But until then, it is what it is.

So here it is... My first loner VLOG from the hospital. I'm balding out and I have a runny nose, but it doesn't get more real than that. #donthate

If someone would give me some IV meds that would be make me sleepy, I would be a much nicer person. I'm just not there. These nurses probably hate me, but I can't help it. I've been hungry, hurting and sleepy for the past two days. Feed me and knock me out. Is that too much to ask?

Please share, comment and pray for me and my family during this time. We really need all of your prayers and I need your encouragement to get through the next three weeks.

In other news, I'll be ordering this tee this week. #thuglife

One hungry mama,