Monday, May 02, 2011

Day 13: Laguna Beach & San Diego, CA

Today was the most exciting day for Klay. Like my day yesterday, he got his "Buffy" moment. We arrived in San Diego, got situated in our hotel and headed to Qualcomm Stadium, where the San Diego Chargers play (Klay's favorite NFL team and mine too). So he was excited to finally see in person the city of San Diego and of course the stadium!

The team shop was closed, so we will hit that up tomorrow, so we drove around the stadium looking everything over. I could really tell he was so happy to see it, but I know he was disappointed that the team fan shop was closed and it wasn't football season. He's dying to go to a game.

After looking at the stadium, we went to eat at Dave and Busters and play some games. We were just enjoying ourselves as much as possible. It's gotten to the point now where it's really hard to leave the dogs in the car (because it's hot) and having dogs on the trip has hindered us on our options for things to do. And the dogs are getting more and more restless in the car. I think they're ready to be back at home.

But it was nice to chill out and joke around for a while!

With it being our last night on the California coast, Klay and I took the dogs to a nearby beach for a walk. We were going to watch the sun set, but we couldn't find a parking spot (I guess everyone had the same plan we did) so we caught just the tip of the sun as it finally set. Then we sat on a bench looking at the ocean and enjoying the view. It was so pretty and definitely makes us question moving back to Texas.

So not too much happened today, we'll probably do some more cruising around San Diego tomorrow. Supposed to head to Vegas tomorrow too!

I'll be hearing the sound of slot machines in my sleep!

P.S. We also passed through Laguna Beach! It was a pretty cool town with houses everywhere. The beach was crazy crowded too! But it was neat to finally pass through it after watching the show so much. =)

Stay tuned for more "From the Road..."