Thursday, May 05, 2011

Day 14: Leaving SD and onto Las Vegas, NV

Before leaving San Diego, we, OF COURSE, had to hit up the Chargers fan shop at Qualcomm Stadium. We both bought shirts and then we went to the ticket office. After talking to the man about how we drove all the way from Alaska to see the stadium, a man was nice enough to show us the field where all of the action happens. The field wasn't painted or anything, but it was definitely cool to see where the Chargers play! Klay was exceptionally excited. We hope to one day come back and go to a game!

After that we headed to Vegas, and on the way I fell asleep. My eye hadn't gotten much better and was irritating me so I took a nap. I woke up and we were right outside of Nevada state line. As soon as we crossed the state line there were casinos, hotels and shops. But we moved forward toward our destination.

We stayed at Paris Hotel on the Vegas strip. They accepted dogs for a decent price and allowed guests to leave their pets in the room (which most hotels don't allow), so it was a perfect fit for us! Seeing Vegas in person is pretty awesome. Neither of us have ever been, so we were ready to get out there and experience it.

After we got settled in our room, we went to eat--we were starving--and then we walked around the strip--and there are lots of weird people out there. It was cool though to see all the people who stand out there and showcase their talents. And as some of you may know, you can walk around and carry your beer/drinks on the strip wherever you go, so there were tons of drunks too.

We went to gamble at Harrah's first and didn't really win much there. We were about to head to Caesar's Palace when we saw this guy who was spray painting pictures of the Vegas skyline with just the spray can and paper (it's hard to describe, but he's crazy talented). Klay and I ended up watching him for 30 minutes and bought two paintings.

We arrived at Caesar's Palace, and I sat down and put a $20 bill in a quarter slot machine. The first pull, I got nothing; but the second, I won $175 bucks. Klay didn't believe me until he walked over to the machine. After I didn't hit on that machine anymore, so I walked around to another one and hit $40 right off the bat. Then I'd work my way down to about $150 and hit $60. I probably hit $60 bucks on this machine four times and hit $120 once. I ended up playing that machine for two hours because every time I'd get to stopping point it'd bump me back up. I ended up walking away winning $130.

I know for Vegas it might not be that much, but at least I was winning and not losing! I can't say the same for Klay; he had no luck. Poor thing, his money went quick!

On the way back to our hotel, we decided to stay another night. We were dying to sleep in, actually relax and take a day to do whatever we wanted. We got back to the room around 1:30 a.m., took a shower and crashed!

Having fun living the Vegas lifestyle...tune in tomorrow for more "From the Road…"