Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog Mom Blog!

The morning sickness, the stretch marks and the many late night trips to the bathroom all led up to this moment--becoming a parent. Going through labor and actually seeing your child for the first time is truly the most amazing (and painful) experiences ever. As a first-time mom, I was unsure what I'd feel or how I'd react at that exact moment, but the feeling is absolutely overwhelming. Holding this tiny person that you created for the first time is powerful, moving and indescribable.

But along with the happiness and joy of having my new baby boy, Brody, now comes the trials and triumphs of parenthood. During one of my restless nights, I put my son down praying he'd sleep for three to four hours and it hit me--I wanted to blog again. And what better thing to write about than my new experiences of being a mom? So I created this blog to communicate and talk to other moms, share my experiences with other first-time mommies, and encourage and try to relate to parents during this, sometimes hard, exhausting and trying time!

I hope many of you will enjoy and relate to my experiences! We all need to stick together and learn from each other. No one truly knows how it feels to experience all the emotions, joys, struggles and frustrations of parenthood than my fellow mommies!

Hope everyone is enjoying your role as mom! I'm wishing everyone great success, patience and many hours of sleep!