Sunday, February 03, 2013

Oh, how time flies.

mommy's little guyI can't believe it's been so long since I've last written.

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but I've just been an extremely busy, tired, exhausted mommy taking care of her wonderful, playful son.

If some of you are wondering why I stopped blogging, there are lots of reasons. However, to keep it simple, I'll summarize briefly.

  1. Depression: Yes, it happened to me. When you hardly ever, ever leave the house and all you do is take care of your baby all day, and constantly struggle to keep things the way you like to (i.e. clean your house, cook, take care of yourself and everything else in life), it's almost bound to happen. I DID try writing a couple of blogs (some are still saved in my drafts), but they were just so negative. So, I kept them to myself. 

  2. Busy: No explanation needed here. I was busy with work, my son and other things to keep up with it...

  3. Tired: Sort of goes with along with the "busy" excuse, but after chasing a crawling, standing, and now walking kid around all day, I was pooped by the time Klay got home from work. It even makes me exhausted thinking about it.

  4. Lazy: I got a little lazy too. I didn't quite have the motivation to keep writing. And, even when I thought about updating it, I thought I'll do it a little later. I'm sure the laziness had a lot to do with the three previous "excuses".

So, WHY NOW you ask? Well, I miss it. It was fun sharing and documenting all my experiences with Brody. They are not only his first experiences of life, but mine as a mother too. Plus, when Klay tries to talk about when Brody started doing something, or when we struggled with this or that, he normally gets the timing wrong. Let's just say I have a back-up reference for all of my arguments! =)

But besides all of that, Brody is turning the be O-N-E this month. I can't believe it. It's almost been one year since I gave birth to my handsome, little boy. I honestly don't know where the time went...

So, in honor of my return to blogging, I decided to share something personal with all of you... I'm expecting again! Can you believe it?

Ok, ok. I'm JUST KIDDING. No, seriously I am. My uterus is nice and empty, just the way I like it. I'm not ready for another kid to karate chop my bladder just yet; my bladder still hates me from the last one.

But, I had to keep you interested. =)

ImageI did gain a new niece though. My sister's newest, Swayze Jo Clark, arrived last month! She's a beauty, and big sister Presley is so proud. It felt strange sitting at the hospital, the same hospital Brody was born, waiting for her make her debut and thinking about how that was me and Brody almost a year ago.

Ok, for now, that's all I'll mention. I imagine I'll do a "What You Missed" blog pretty soon.

Hope all is well with everyone! Stay tuned...

Sending my best wishes to all the parents out there,


PS. I'm wanting to rename my blog. I just threw this title together when I started last year. I've never liked it, and I'm ready for a change. Any suggestions?