Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello Spring!

This past weekend was amazing weather-wise in Texas!

With great weather and the sun a shinin', it was the makings of an outdoor weekend full of fun-ness. High-five to new words!

And, it was a bonus it was Easter weekend. #familyandfoodgalore

But the beautiful weather disappeared today, unfortunately, and on and off April showers have taken its place. So! I thought I'd brighten this cloudy Monday with some weekend highlights!

First things first--CONFETTI EGGS.

If you want to have a good time, kids or adults, you have to break out some confetti eggs! This was a fun-filled and colorful way to start off our Easter weekend. And everyone enjoys smashing eggs on your loved ones heads, right?

easter confetti eggs

confetti eggs

confetti eggs
Wiping off Billie's confetti.
What can make a pretty day outside even better?

Well, BUBBLES, duh!

Brody had so much fun chasing bubbles and yelling "Get dat bubble!" over and over again. Thanks to his GIGI, he had plenty of fun with the goodies she bought him, including the bubbles and confetti eggs! Thanks, GIGI.


He loves his GIGI.
This year was Brody's first time to color eggs--ever! We didn't attempt it last year because we thought he was too young or disinterested. But he's at such a great age this year. At two years old, he knows all his colors so it was fun to watch him choose which colors he wanted to use. I think we figured out his favorite color is blue! 

AND, this was Klay's first time to color eggs in his life--ever--too. At least, he says he doesn't remember coloring eggs before. He didn't know what all the items were for in the PAAS egg color kit either. So the detective in me says he's probably right. My poor hubs had a sheltered life.

BUT, his first time to color eggs was also Bro-man's first time too, which is I think is pretty friggin' awesome.

Klay was really proud of his glitter eggs. Yes, he was the one who made glitter eggs.
Side note: Glitter is the herpes of the craft world.

And as they saying goes, or the saying in my world, it wouldn't be a holiday without a toddler tantrum!
 Toddler Meltdown Reason: "I don't want to hold that egg, Mama!" 
The things this kid cries over sometimes...

All this kid did this weekend was eat candy. He wasn't too interested in the egg hunt. He was more interested in opening the eggs to get the candy than the egg hunt. He stopped at just about every egg he found and said "Open Egg" to me or Klay, instead of trying to get all of the eggs first.

He ate enough candy to last all year, and this mama is worried about cavities. All I can say is at least these teeth will fall out before his permanent ones come in! #thankfulforbabyteeth

And this is the face I get when I say "Last piece, Brody."

Mimi, that woman I call Mama won't give me any more candy!
That face though! ;)

Yep, my kid is the only one making a crazy face.
Three generation of men!
Cutest Egg Hunter Award goes to...
Clearly he doesn't care about the camera. He was probably looking for more candy!

We finished the weekend outside, egg huntin', playing horseshoes, hitting golf balls and throwing the football. My husband kicked the football in his parents' pond and someone thought it was funny. See below!

Football + pond = funny

OK, guys. Klay and I agreed to do something fun for all to watch, if I can get at least 30 followers to follow my blog via email and 20 more FB likes!

Here's the challenge. If you share this blog with your friends and family and sign up to get blog updates via email, in honor of Easter just passing, Klay and I will do an Egg Roulette. If you never seen this before, check out Jimmy Fallon's clip here.

Leave me a comment to let me know if you're spreading the word about my blog! Also I want to hear how you spent Easter weekend! Did you have fun with confetti eggs!? What kind of shenanigans was your family up to?

Happy Late Easter to all my readers!