Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rough Days + VLOG

Today--April 16--has sucked some major balls.

My throat is hurting so bad I can hardly swallow water. #whoisgonnamakeajokefirst

Besides that, I still have a diarrhea, excruciating pain in my mouth and throat, and now a possible bladder infection. I'm hurting today and it's pretty brutal.

On the upside I've had some of the best nurses the past few days. I've been so lucky. Honestly! And it makes the time go by faster with nurses who care, want to get to know you and do really sweet things for you out of no where.

The other thing I got today is Granix which is supposed to help my counts recover faster. Side effects: you feel like you have the flu w/ most complaining about body aches. Can I catch a break?

Then I saw the cutest white dog today. I was going to take it home with me. But they have me on so many drugs that I think I imagined it. These drugs mess with you man. So if you see a typo or some shit that doesn't make sense, I'm going the blame it on the drugs. I can barely make out the words on the screen because of the drugs. But hey, they are working so I don't not giving a shit.

So anyway, I literally can't swallow anything. It's brutal pain thankfully I VLOGGED for you guys yesterday so you're nightly 15-minute train wreck show is on.


Drained & In Pain,