Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can anything go right?

Today was one of those days where just about everything goes wrong.

Lets start with how the day began, shall we!? I had a hair appointment early this morning in Rockwall. Mom offered to watch Brody for a few hours while I spent some time relaxing and getting my hair done, so I started the day early. I got up to a not so fun monthly gift from mother nature, got dressed, make-up on, got Brody up, dressed and fed (with some of Klay's help--he had his final exam and had to head off to school), baby bags ready and in the car, a big poopy from Brody (woo hoo!), my son in the carseat with no fuss, and finally we both made it inside my vehicle, strapped in tight and ready to meet mom at Starbucks in Terrell. I was right on time, actually a little early, I was pretty proud of myself--should've seen that as a sign.

I get to Starbucks without a hitch, hand my kid off to mom, take some tylenol she gave me (cramps!), kiss him goodbye, run through the drive thru, grab a white chocolate mocha--yum--a breakfast sandwich and head toward Rockwall. Making great time, I thought proudly, I'll even be there a little early! Getting to somewhere early, instead of running a few minutes or extremely late, was something I haven't done in a really long time. Having a kid changes my success in arriving early or on time anywhere. Something always goes wrong (he spits up and you have to change outfits, he has an extreme, over-the-top hissy fit and I have to calm him down, or you run in and out of the car three times because you forgot your cell phone, purse or a pacifier; it's always something). 

Needless to say, I arrived to Rockwall in one piece, 20 minutes before my appointment. Well, I walk in and see my stylist with a client, and I thought, That's odd thought I was the first of the day. I decided to walk to the bathroom to waste some time and I notice that my stylist was starting the client's color. RED FLAG.

I poked my head in and said, "Hey, my appointment's at 10 right?"

"10 tomorrow. I told you that on the phone yesterday when you called," she replied looking confused at me standing at the door.

See I'd called yesterday asking her to confirm my appointment time for tomorrow. She was with a client, naturally, so she responded at 10, but I'm pretty sure she didn't say Friday. Anywho, it doesn't matter. It could be my mommy-mushy-brain...

So, I had to turn around and leave, hair ugly and not beautified, only to have to return and do the same thing in the morning. The good thing was I was able to get a few, could-have-been-timed-better errands done. Once I left  and my pride of arriving early went out the window (cause chances of that happening tomorrow are slim to none), I eventually started heading back toward home. Klay, who was still in Mesquite, heard all about my frustrations on the phone, and he also knew I needed to go home and get some stuff done for work, so he offered to go out to mom's to pick up Brody.

I got home and the dogs went nuts, as usual, wagging their tails, barking, jumping at me, like they haven't seen me in weeks. I headed to the back door to let them out when Billie knocks over his food bowl, which is right next to the door, spilling little tiny bits of dried food all over the floor. He then stepped in the water bowl, making it tip over, and got water all over my feet and again all over the floor. I'd gotten something to eat on the way home, it was around noon then, and I was pretty hungry, but that had to wait. I had to wipe up the water, scrape up the dog food, and then as I proceeded to walk over to the sink with the dripping wet water bowl, spilled the rest of the  tiny bit of water on me. Angry at the bowl, I threw it in the stink, and said not-so-nice things.

I only got more frustrated as I ate my cold burger and fries. I finally walked in the office and started working. Once Klay got home, I went and checked on Brody. He was just starting to wake up--go figure. But honestly, I was really happy to see his blue eyes pop open and look at me! He started whining, so I picked him up. I realized I needed to go to the bathroom, so I passed Bro off to Klay. While I'm in the potty, I hear Brody crying hysterically. Meanwhile, Klay runs in and shows me a chewed up plastic bottle that looked familiar. There wasn't much liquid left in Brody's Tylenol bottle, apparently Klay found Billie chewing on it. (He also chewed up a baby aspirator, the syringe to the tylenol bottle, a medicine-bottle-dispenser thingy and almost empty bottle of gas drops the day before.)

I called a friend of mine who works for a vet and she told me I needed to feed Billie a little hydrogen peroxide to make him puke it up. So I tried to handle Brody, who was practically inconsolable, while Klay tried to make sure our dog wouldn't die or have to go the pet ER. Billie finally got sick, a few times, and he was fine. Brody however decided to cry and not sleep the rest of the day. My cramping and crying kid got the best of me, and I was wiped out. Klay made me go take a little nap.

The rest of the night was luckily uneventful. But all of the things I wanted to get done today, didn't happen.  My whole day was thrown for a loop and tomorrow now too. I should probably go to sleep while I can; it's past midnight. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a bit better...

Night! P.S. Happy 29th Birthday to my sister, Britney!

Sorry if there are any typos or things that don't make sense. I'm out of it.