Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Mother's Day

Although I was extremely excited about my first Mother's Day, it wasn't an amazing, relaxing day like I'd thought it would be. Saturday night, I, along with a few others, planned a surprise spa party for my sister. We spent the entire night enjoying mini mani's and pedi's, food, desserts, wine, gifts and massages. It was relaxing, fun and we laughed all night, telling stories and enjoying our time free of men, kids and work! (What perfect timing with it being Mother's Day weekend and all!) Everyone even got a party gift/favor (see picture).

The next morning, I woke up not feeling so great. It wasn't the wine or anything; I'd only had two glasses. Apparently a few other girls woke up with upset tummies too. So, unfortunately, I spent majority of Mother's Day sleeping, sick and in the bathroom.

I did, however, get a beautiful card from my two favorite men--Brody and Klay. Brody signed this card with his foot- and handprint (which was a little smudged, but that was ok cause it was perfect!). I also got a gift card for a pedicure from them! It was so sweet.

We went over to my mom's for a bit to celebrate, and Brody spent most of his time outside. He absolutely loves it. He's so alert now and constantly looking around at everything. He hardly ever wants to be held in a cradling position any more. SAD FACE. He wants to sit, facing outward so he can get a good look at what's going on around him. Already so grown up!

He's really starting to turn his head when someone talks and especially when his daddy walks into the room. He hears Klay and his eyes widen while he tries to find him. We're enjoying every moment of this, because before I know it, he'll be sitting up on his own, crawling and then graduating high school. Ok, maybe it's too early for that, but these past 12 weeks have gone by so fast.

Everyday this gets more and more fun. He's always doing something new and smiling is an everyday deal now. We're just loving every moment with our little angel! =)

Hope all other mommies had a wonderful Mother's Day and are enjoying every moment with their babies (big and small!).

Wishing everyone the best,