Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ups and Downs

Finally, at a little over two months old, I think we have arrived at the "getting better" part. For the past couple of weeks, he's been sleeping consistently--about 7-8 or more hours at night. I may have to get up once or twice in the middle of the night when he starts squirming to give him his pacifier, but he's been sleeping pretty well! So mama's happy! =) 

And with him sleeping more, we've been sleeping better (obviously), but now we are sleeping even better, thanks to my amazing friend Cami! She got us a crazy deal on a king size bed. For only $65, we got a brand new king size bed and box spring! It was perfect timing cause Klay had just ordered a new king size bed frame from my dad's friend for only like $25 or $30! Klay and my brother-in-law went and got it Sunday from the store. We've been sleeping amazing since we have so much room! Thanks, Cami!

We went to his two month check-up last Wednesday, and Brody is growing nicely according to our pediatrician! He's 10 lbs 4 oz and 21 3/4 inches long. We told the doctor about his constipation issues and she recommended that we give him an ounce of water mixed with an ounce of apple juice every day to see if that helps. We've been doing that, but he seems to be having really watery stools after he drinks it, so I've been cutting it down a little each time to find the right consistency--and only giving it to him when he really needs it.

He also had his two month shots. That was sad and hard for mommy and daddy to watch, but he was a trooper! He barely cried and as soon as she was done, he was fine. But the shots wore him out; he was pretty lethargic and slept more than he ate. He stayed like that for about two and a half days, just extremely worn out. Luckily, he didn't run a fever and wasn't the least bit cranky. He was just exhausted!

The pediatrician did however notice that he had a little cradle cap. I noticed his head was dry, but I didn't see too much to be concerned. She told us to use a little head and shoulders every other day on him and that should help.

Now that he's getting a little older, our Brody Jack is becoming a lot more active. He now wants to sit up and look around the room all the time! He's pretty strong and can keep his head up for longer amounts of time now. He's making more cooing noises and almost sounded like he was started to laugh in his sleep! LOVE IT!

We've been trying to get him to repeat vowel sounds, which they say they will sometimes do at this age, and we're getting a little reaction from him! This is all the stuff that makes all of the late nights and exhaustion worth it. Watching him smile and react to more sounds around the room or turn his head to look at whoever is talking is so much fun. Every day he's doing a little more and I'm loving every moment of it.

This truly couldn't happen a better time. I think I was really suffering from some baby blues, or a little depression or something. Being in the house all day, every day, was getting me down. This is probably why I haven't posted lately. I was struggling to get motivation to do anything--eat, put make up on, shower, etc. Taking care of him was consuming my life. And his constipation and fussiness from his tummy troubles, really wore on me. I was so tired and felt like I wasn't doing anything right.

But I finally snapped out of it. I hated that I had to sleep when he slept, had to shower when he was napping, had to make my self something eat when he was finally content and calm. I needed to start creating a schedule for me and not just live by his schedule. If he cries some, it's ok. I had to realize I have to do stuff despite if he's crying or not. I need to try to blend his schedule to mine, and make him realize mommy can't hold him all the time, and I may not be able to run to him every second of the day.

So, needless to say, I've been feeling a lot better. I started opening the blinds and getting outside more. I have to start taking care of myself, because if I'm not happy and not taking care of, what good will that do him?

Anywho, things are looking up around here! Hope all is well with other mommies and daddies!

Wishing the best,