Thursday, May 17, 2012

Worrisome Wednesday

Yesterday, was a rough one for Brody and mommy. Brody woke up earlier than normal, around 5:45 a.m. His nose was pretty stopped up and he kept snorting a lot. He apparently had a hard time breathing through his nose, so I think that's why he woke up so early.

His stuffy nose is still causing him to have a blocked tear duct, so we are still having issues with his eye. It's continuously producing a lot of white to yellowish goop and hasn't stopped since his two-month doctor visit. I've tried everything (vaporizers, baby aspirators, saline drops, vapor bath bubble stuff, antibiotic eye drops, propping him up when he sleeps), but nothing has worked. I can't get his tear duct clear this time. (The photo to the left was from a few weeks ago, right after he woke up so it was pretty matted and gross. This was when his eye was really bad, now it's not even close to that and it's mostly white and clear fluid.)

Tired of the goop and waiting for this to get better, I called the doctor yesterday and they squeezed us in that afternoon. My pediatrician prescribed me a different kind of eye drops, that she wants me to put in both eyes (even though we are only having trouble with one). She also took a swab of the goop (not sure what she's testing for). So, hopefully, these drops work and we get some results soon.

In other Brody news, he is showing symptoms of teething. He's been producing lots of little spit bubbles, crying, had several inconsolable fits and he is starting to gnaw on things--rags, fingers, etc. I've been putting some teething gel on his gums and using teething tablets here and there when he's fussy and nothing else works. But I haven't felt any teeth come up yet.

The doctor said that the teeth are moving under his gums, which will produce symptoms of teething, but he probably won't produce teeth for a while. So, I guess every new stage, brings new challenges!

All in all, yesterday was exhausting. Brody wouldn't stop crying all day and didn't go to sleep the entire day. I had to constantly hold him and when we were in the car, he cried the entire time--both to and from the doctor appointment.

Can you say headache!? I went to Starbucks twice just to try to make it through the day, and while I waited in the drive-thru line at CVS to pick up his medicine, I popped a couple of ibuprofen--it didn't help much. Then, I got home, Brody had been asleep for a 20 minutes, so I went into our office to TRY to START working. I don't even have my computer on yet, and I hear Billie and Stretch growling at each other. Well, it was more like Billie growling at Stretch.

Scared and angry that they might wake Brody, I rushed in the living room to see what all the fuss was about. I saw a hard, round blackish thing--what I thought was poop-- on my rug. My rug is one of my favorite things I have in my house, and it's a mixture of different shapes of different shades of brown and white (see picture). Of course, the "poop" was on the white part of the rug. But I noticed there was black powdery-like stuff that looked like it had rubbed onto the carpet. Huh, that's strange.

I went to pick up the "poop" with a paper towel, only to realize it was CHARCOAL. I guess Billie had brought some coal in from outside--Klay had cooked a few nights ago. This dog is seriously going to be the death of me. With black all on his beard, teeth and paws, I had to wipe him down as best I could. Luckily, my dad owns a carpet cleaning business, so I tried not to fret too much about the rug. But honestly, what else can he get into!?

Meanwhile, Brody wakes up and is ready for his next feeding. After his feeding Brody spits up three times. I started to worry that he was sick. He felt a little warm, and with me being sick this week, my mind filled with worries that he was SICK or starting to get sick. Luckily, I think it was just me thinking of all the worst things that could go wrong. He was fine the rest of the night and this morning.

He was smiling up a storm this morning, but it was at 6 a.m. again! Klay's had to get up earlier than normal the past three days, and I swear, if he doesn't start getting up the first time the alarm goes off, his wife his going to push him off the bed or do something worse. That drives me crazy!

Well, we just put Brody down for the night, so I should probably get in bed while I can.

Hoping all parents everywhere have had a better week than us!