Tuesday, June 03, 2014

5 Shows You Should Binge Watch This Summer

You may not know this about me, BUT...

I'm a bit of a whore.

Except I don't exactly sleep around... unless you consider me sleeping with two hairy weens at once. And yes, I'm talking about my weenie dogs.

When I say I'm a whore, I actually mean a TV whore.

I love television shows and getting lost in someone else's baby mama drama, love/breakup story or even trial by combat (Game of Thrones reference).

But pretty much I've been addicted to five shows the past year that I feel like if you're not watching, you're missing out on some EPIC shit.

Don't worry, this doesn't include any spoilers! I hate when people spoil stuff about movies and TV shows before I ever get a chance to watch. So please if you comment, do NOT spoil it for those who haven't had the opportunity to watch yet! 


Pretty much, if you're not watching this show you're EFFIN crazy. I never thought in a million years I would watch this show. Motorcycle gang + drug and gun runs? Hmm... not exactly up my alley. But this show is by far one of the best written shows on TV, if not the best.

The writing is not only impeccable but the acting is too. Katey Sagal is my all-time lady crush, just from this show. She is a beast on this show. She's incredible. She's fierce. She's crazy. I'm obsessed with her. She's insanely good. And she will do anything for her family--anything.

Beyond that hot mama is the star of the show Charlie Hunnam. And he's a sexy, sexy man and plays Jax Teller so well. He is conflicted, a leader, and the man who struggles with his need to be a good man while trying to keep SAMCRO out of prison and out of trouble.

SOA has the perfect amount of action, drama, sexiness and that deep, meaningful storyline that keeps you interested, heartbroken and wondering how it will all come out in the end.

There have been many moments my jaw has stayed on the floor for weeks after an episode. And some storylines still make my heart sink every time I think of them. After each episode I'm at a loss for words. I never expect what happens next and my heart is pulled and tugged in so many directions. I constantly say, "I can't believe that just happened." And with each season, the writing gets better, the story is better, the acting is better, the new characters are incredible. I. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH.

Every character on this show is amazing. And I've fallen in love with most of them, and even some who didn't deserved to be liked, I've somehow found compassion for.

It's seriously the best show on TV right now and coming up on its final season this September. I will be devastated when the show ends. BUT I will forever watch reruns just like I do with Buffy. This is my grown up Buffy obsession. SOA is my shizz. It tugs on all the right heart strings and makes you laugh and fall in love with the Club, while also bringing you down to earth on the damage they cause.

Go watch this summer and get prepped for the series-end this fall. The only disappointment will be that you didn't watch it sooner and that it's final season is this fall. This a show you can watch with your man, your ole lady, your dog, your mom, whatevs. Just make sure to watch.

2. The Walking Dead

This show comes in at a close second. It was a tough choice because I'm so coo coo over SOA, but this show is right on its heels. MY second hardcore obsession.

Now, I know what you're thinking... she was obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer so it makes sense she's loves this zombie stuff. Um, yes, I have a weak spot for supernatural shows/movies, but even though this show is about a zombie apocalypse, it's about so much more. The show is based off of comic books, which I haven't read, just because they are a little different from the show.

Beyond trying to stay alive in a zombie-filled world, there are amazing storylines on this show. Season 4 just ended and so much has changed from the first season, which begins at the beginning-ish of the apocalypse.

This show is not just about killing zombies, it's about deciding how to make tough decisions on how to move forward and protect those you love. It's about learning that the zombies become more a part of the environment and it's the other people who've survived you have to worry about. Can you trust them? What are their intentions? What will kids think that grow up around zombies? Where can you make a life for yourself? Is there a cure? Who will survive?

This show is another jaw-dropper. I've cried countless times throughout the show and it's hard when I've developed affection for characters and then something happens to them. It is a zombie apocalypse y'all; people die. And there are twisted people who will do anything to survive.

Plus you put crazy people in a crazy zombie-filled world, some crazy shit happens.

But it's so good. The actors are incredible and the video games are craze amaze. OBSESSED.
Season 5 starts in October. And I totally man-crush on Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus.

3. Game of Thrones

This is my third obsession I've developed over the past year. It's set in times long long long long ago and is set on fictional continents in fictional kingdoms. Basically you have a HUGE cast of characters who all have different agendas and this show weaves together a lot of plot lines and even some supernatural elements too. 

I've learned from watching this show, things often go the way I don't want them to, but that's what makes this so interesting! Some people's stories have made me weep for weeks. Some I haven't really ever gotten over and I probably never will.

Everyone is vying for their claim of the Iron Throne to rule the seven kingdoms. It's pretty much incredible. From rich high-born people and a dreadful kid name Joffrey to dragons, family drama and the scary unknown of life beyond "The Wall," it's definitely one of the best shows on TV. It all stemmed from books, which I haven't read because I don't want to ruin the show for myself.

There is sex, nudity, death, booze, war, humor, torture and betrayal wrapped up in one. The show keeps you interested and clueless as to what will happen next. I can never predict what will happen, and when I try, I fail horribly.

I always want more. It gets your blood pumping in all the right and wrong ways. I promise you will love it more than the sun and stars.

4. Scandal

This was a show I binge watched last summer right before the new season began. I wasn't sure if I'd get into it, but I'd heard about on TV/Entertainment shows so much, I thought I'd give it a whirl. And boy, am I glad I did! 

Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) is the Washington D.C. PR queen who manages the scandals and "handles" the mistakes of those who are in office or are in the public eye and want to keep their stuff quiet. She has a relationship with the President of the United States and therefore makes this show that much juicier. Their relationship is complicated and full of passion and keeps you wanting more. But this show, in the first seasons, has a more CSI-take on it and when I say that I mean she handles different cases on each episode, mainly in just the first season. However, her storyline with the Prez remains constant. Over the last season shit has gotten real. No more of the CSI-ish style show, where she takes a new case, although the show was still very good in the first season.

The plots have gotten deeper and more shocking. I will say that this show is a little predictable at times, but there have been plenty of times I've been shocked and felt like my heart was ripped out and stuffed in a brown baggie and tossed out with the trash.

It's good, it's juicy and Kerry Washington crushes it. Now go be a gladiator, grab a glass of red wine and go watch it!

5. Orange Is The New Black

I wasn't sure if I'd really dig this series by Netflix, but after each episode, I yearned for more. It makes me laugh so hard I thought I peed my pants and made me cringe and gag, all at the same time.

Imagine being in a relationship where you proposed to your fiancee. She accepts and then a few months later you find out she was charged and convicted with drug smuggling long before you met her with her lesbian lover. So she has to do some time and go to prison for a year.

The show's plot is automatically interesting. A girl who used to have an adventurous past is now a typical woman waiting to marry the guy of her dreams, but now that dream is halted by the reality of her new life in prison. From effed up guards who take advantage to lesbian lovers, this show is hilarious, nasty and so crazy you may even want to make Crazy Eyes your prison bitch. There will be plenty of "WTF"moments and times where you wonder how'd you handle it if that were you in prison or how your spouse would take it.

The shit that people do and say and get pissed off at is coo coo.
How they react isn't always reasonable.
Bitches be cray.

And if you watch any or all of these already then we are instant best friends! Virtual high-five!

What shows will you be watching this summer?