Friday, May 30, 2014

The POST That Goes Nowhere

I have no clue what I should talk about today.

I'd like to think I'm a creative person, but there are times when "writer's block" gets the best of me and I can't think of one thoughtful or funny thing to say.

And then I start comparing my posts to my hilarious (and high-trafficking posts)... And question if I'm really cut out for the blogosphere.

I read other blogs in awe of their commitment and consistency and I'm constantly amazed at their awesomeness and how they comically convey their stories and ideas.

I only hope one day as successful and gifted as they are.

As soon as I start pounding away on the keyboard trying to write my latest post, my inner NEGATIVE NANCY voice gets all shout-y.

"This post BLOWS," she says. She reminds me of a high school softball coach that would constantly bark at me to "drop the trailer" when I ran because I was remarkably slower than a grandma in 5-inch heels. #truestory

And I continuously doubt my ability to do continue doing what I'm doing as I epically fail to think of something incredibly fascinating and remotely funny to write.

Will I ever beat the "The Color Purple" post? Ehhh I don't know if it's possible.

I guess I could talk about the time that I had a panic attack on the top of a hill in Alaska the first--and only--time I ever went skiing, which is a remarkably dumb idea for "fun"by the way. WHO THE EFF wants to go up a mountain and ski down and go BACK up and then down again? I honestly don't get it. It's so repetitive and a lot of damn work if you ask me. I KNOW, you didn't ask me, BUT, next time anyone invites me to ski, I'll happily be sitting at the bottom of the mountain drinking wine and laughing at you dumb asses who are out in the cold, tumbling down a hill as you swerve to miss the four-year old kid who is a million times better than you btw. Meanwhile, you get a face full of snow and will be sore as shit the next day and can barely walk while that lil kid is back at it again. Just sayin'. When it comes to skiing, I'll stick to the Wii version.

But snow tubing? I could dig that. Less work and you SIT and cruise down a hill. Sure it's not a workout, but at least you're not dodging people left and right on the way down.

Or I could talk about the time I walked into a pole at the mall and everyone stopped and stared. "Did she really run into a pole?" they laughed and pointed. What was I doing? Freaking walking and talking. And, clearly when I talk I don't watch where I'm going because I hit that pole like a baby stripper.

Or the time I ran over a deer head in the middle of the road in my Volkswagen Bug and started hyperventilating because I was pretty sure it totaled my car or I possibly ran over a person instead of a deer like some "I Know What You Did Last Summer" shit. Luckily neither were the case and I never had some psycho killer come stalk me after I bounced over the deer head. BUT I did almost total my car during my panic attack. #countryproblems

Alas, none of those stories seem incredibly interesting to go in-depth about today.

The thing is I've come to realize every post isn't about beating the next post or making it bigger and better. Of course, I strive to make every post amaze balls but realistically that shit is not always going to happen. I get that.

I want to grow my blog and make the content so good people come back for more like it's cheesecake.

I've learned that people choose to follow me because I have half-ass decent content--or they want to win money from a giveaway I participate in--but hey I'm cool with it. I do it too.

The more likes, follows, shares and comments on my blog makes me want to continue on this journey in the world o' blogging. So thank you for following my blog, whether it be from trying to win free money or finding me on your own or being a loyal friend of mine and following me to show your affinity for me ;)

So since this post is serving no purpose whatsoever than a place for me to vent about my writer's block/blogging idea post frustration... I figured I'd link up with Whitney over at "I Wore Yoga Pants to Work" because she's freaking the best.

Seriously. She is.

To kick off the weekend you've all been waiting for, here I am participating in "Back That Azz Up Friday," which basically means I'm sharing a song to kick off this weekend off right.

Of course, I chose one of the songs that always gets me in the mood--the dancin' mood, that is.

Happy Friday y'all!

What song(s) are you obsessed with?