Monday, May 19, 2014

PART Two: That Time I Found Out I Was Pregnant

Read "That Time I Found Out I was Pregnant" first.

Brody @ 9 weeks
WTF is right. 

Now wasn't exactly the time I wanted to be pregnant.

We had just moved home. Yes, we were married for four years at that point, but we were living at my parents' house trying to find us some new digs.

But this meant I got knocked up in parents' house, as a married woman, and I'd be searching for a home with a deadline now; I'd definitely want to be in the house before the baby was born.

In shock, and after his "WTF" moment, Klay and I sat on separate couches and didn't talk or touch for 20 minutes. We'd done enough of all that.

We were stunned. We couldn't believe this was really happening.

I called my sister bawling. She calmed me down and assured me things would be OK. She guessed it before I ever said anything. Not sure how she knew. Well, I'm guessing the crying tipped her off.

We decided we were going to tell Klay's parents first. Their excitement would take away some of my worry when I told my mom and dad.

Yes, I was worried about what they'd say because we were living in their house, looking for a new place to live, and this wasn't exactly planned. Plus, now we had a time constraint to find the right house for the right price and move in and prepare the baby's room all in a matter of months.

I decided I wanted to find a cute way to announce it to both our parents. Klay's parents were up first.

My PLAN: Put a few balloons in a box and give it to his parents. When they opened it, the balloons would float up and say "Baby" and/or "Congrats" so they knew they were going to be grandparents.

And then, I thought, I'll get a plain balloon and write "Baby On The Way!" Genius, right?

I know, people do this all the time now for gender reveals, but this was waaaaayyyy before I got on Pinterest and became a pinning-whore. So at least I thought it was "genius."

Klay and I go to CVS. I'm still a complete basket case, and I nervously purchase three balloons, hoping no one we know sees us.

Here are the balloons I bought:
  1. "Congrats" 
  2. "Baby"
  3. And a plain one
I asked the fella that worked there for a marker and I wrote on them (while they're not inflated).

On the "Congrats" balloon, I write "grandparents" underneath the word "Congrats".

Then I started to write on the plain one.

Our last name is White for those you who don't know.

I'm a nervous wreck and scared someone we know will walk in and see what we are doing. So I'm trying to get this done as soon as possible.

I thoughtlessly wrote "White Baby On The Way!"

The guy who is about to blow up the balloons is Hispanic. He looks at it confused and looks up at me, like WTF?

Then it hit me.

"Oh. Oh, no! White is our last name," I shouted trying to rectify myself.

Klay laughed at me as the guy shook his head and went to blow up the balloons.


The last balloon I corrected and wrote "Baby White on the way!"

Either way, it was true. Baby White was on the way and we were having a white baby.

At least, we hoped Klay was the father.

HA! I kid, I kid.

Needless to say, his parents got a good laugh and everyone else at my expense.

We did the same thing with my parents except I put the right wording on the balloons this time so it didn't look like I was announcing the color of our unborn baby's skin. Um, I can only imagine what that guy thought when he saw my balloons...

PS. My mom and dad were happy when we announced it to them too. All of that worry was for nothin'...

And that's how I handled finding out I was pregnant.


Do you have any mishaps when you tried to announce you were knocked up?