Thursday, May 01, 2014

My BUFFY Obsession

For those of you who don't know me, I was obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer growing up.

The TV show, not the movie. The movie sucked <----haha vampire joke, ya get it?

Um, who am I kidding? I still kind of am.

But for reals, the TV show was my shizz.

And for those of you who remember me way back when, mostly remember I wanted to be Buffy and the crazy display of BTVS posters in my room. 

I even tried to get on the TV show on MTV "Fanatic."

Yes, I was a total nerd. 
But Buffy is amaze balls.

Let me explain my obsession.

Buffy kicked ass literally.

 She was a tiny ball of fire who could kick tail, deal with high school and manage to save the world from the apocalypse.

"She saved the world... a lot."

She also had a super hot vampire BF who just happened to have a soul so they couldn't do the nasty because he'd lose it and go all crazy, demon vampire again. 

And Angelus is a beast. 

What a tortured love story!
 BTW, season 2 is the best.

It was beyond hilarious. 
I seriously would laugh until I cried. 
There is nothing quite like Buffy humor.

And it was seriously heart-wrenching. 
Life on the Hellmouth wasn't easy. 

Some episodes, I would cry until I'd almost hyperventilate. 
Yes, that totally happened. 

That's all.

 I remember the first episode I ever watched, I was instantly hooked.

Enter vampire obsession.
True Blood.
Vampire Diaries.
They all spawned from my love of BTVS.

I was in the fourth grade when I started watching Buffy.
 I wanted to dress like her,
look like her,
talk like her,
and kick ass like her.

I even cut and styled my hair like her, thanks to my awesome hairstylist Vickie!
She had to put up with countless Buffy-hair requests for many, many years. Thanks, Vickie!

Can you say twinsies?

I mean I wore cross necklaces and bought the rings her and Angel wore from the show. 
(They were copies, not the actual ones she wore. Um, I would have died!)

I still have a Buffy lunchbox. Yes, they totally made them.
And some Sunnydale High tees, Buffy barbies and trading cards.
 I was legit.

You see that phone on the floor?

I spent hours on end and used a lot of printer ink (sorry, Mom and Dad) printing out pics of the cast especially SMG (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

I put them on my entertainment center, my phone, and even the molding around my doors.

My goal was to hide the hideous Easter basket/bunny wallpaper that was on my walls.
Mom, WTF were you thinking with that wallpaper anyway?
Clearly I succeeded with hardly any duplicates.

I totally fell to the floor when I walked in my room after school to a six-foot SMG cardboard cutout. 

I thought she was standing in front of me... 
And guess what? I still have her.

 And I totally made my friends pretend play I was Buffy and they were members of the Scooby Gang. Um, no one could be Buffy but me and yes, some of my acting skills are on film.

And, I kind of had a piece of cardboard that I drew a vampire on and practice my staking skills. #donthate 

Holy balls that took a lot of work. 
I was definitely obsessed. 
I still watch reruns and I'm not ashamed.

Needless to say when we were on our 17-day road trip from Alaska to Texas, we had to make California a pit stop. WHY? 
Um, to find Buffy's High School, DUH.

View that post here:

Yes, I cried when I saw it.
I was 23 years old.
And I clearly kicked the Hellmouth's ass while I was there (see photo above). 


And I'd probably still pee my pants if I ever met SMG, just sayin', I mean you can hear my excitement in the video of us at Sunnydale High aka Torrance High School!

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