Thursday, July 03, 2014

Life with a Two Year Old

I wrote this post last week. For those of you who know me personally know that my grandpa passed away today. Since it's a sad day for our family, I thought I would share this post with you guys to maybe brighten the day a bit.

I'll have an update soon as to why I've been gone the past week. Short version: I've been really sick and went to the ER this week. I am better now. More to come on that later.

But needless to say it's been a really rough two weeks around here. So I apologize for the lack of posts and I'm trying to get back on track. Here goes a series of reasons why I normally go a little nutzo during the week.


There are days where I feel like I'm going to go crazy.

But you know that already with my lack of posts or posts lately complaining about my current life sitch.

Well, I thought I'd clue you guys in on why I honestly feel like I'm going a little nuts. Between playing "POW POW" and changing diapers (still in the diaper-phase unfortunately) and the mess that is my house (I blame my kid for that), life with a two year old is kinda crazy.

If I'm trying to do something, like put on my make up for example things like this happens...

This is what I call my life with a two year old:

"Mama, here you go!" Brody hands me a box of cherry tomatoes.

 "No Brody take it back" as I say as I apply my mascara.

"You don't want 'matoes? Heeere." He shoves them to my stomach.

"No baby, take them back where you got them."

"I don't want to mama."

"Take them back," I command.

He gives me a look like "I'm going to take them somewhere and make a mess" if you want me to do something with 'em.

I sigh and get up and grab the tomatoes back and place them higher up where he can't reach.

"Mama, I want 'matoes!!!" he cries.



"Brody, go put back the body wash," I say.

"I want lotion on," he replies.

"It's not lotion, honey, it's body wash," I say as I try to pay a bill online. He walks out with body wash and I notice it later in the day on the floor somewhere, but never find the time to put it back.

8 p.m.

"Brody want to take a bath?" I ask.

"I want take a bath!" he yells running to the bath.

I look around and realize the body wash is MIA.

"Brody where is your body wash?"

"Where the body wash go mama?"

The body wash cannot be found. And therefore is lost forever.



"Mama, I throw lemon to you!"

Gasp! "No, no baby don't throw the lemon at me. Lemon will bust open. Take it back where you found it."

"You don't want me throw the lemon at you?" he asks.

"No we don't throw lemons. Go put it back where you found it."

"I throw it at purse?" he asks.

"No. Don't throw it at my purse." I laugh.

"I throw it at fan?"

"No don't throw it at the fan. It will burst."

"It will burssss?"

"Yes, now go put it up where you found it."

"Ooook," he says marching off to the kitchen. I follow him to see if he puts it back. He throws it at the bowl of lemons on a shelf and it falls to the floor.

"No don't throw it!"

"I put lemon back."

(Later on I discover why he wanted to throw lemons... Dada and Brody threw lemons at each other the day before... Mom was unaware.



The house is quiet. I hear no noise from a little two year old boy, so I know something is up. Unfortunately I have a massive headache so things that I'd usually care about, I don't at the moment.

But I needed to check on him.

"Brody what are you doing?" I ask sitting up on the couch looking over by the end table.

"I wiping nose."

I see all of the kleenex's on the floor as he sits in a sea of white tissues. Not one is left in the box.




In the shower washing my hair when I hear...

"Mama, you taking a showah?"

"Yes I'm taking a shower."

I hear him walk out of the bathroom and reenter the room.

"Here!" he says.

I look down to him handing me my cell phone.


"No no baby take in back."

"You don't want your phone mama?"

"Thank you, but I don't need it. It will get wet and break."

"OK. I'll be right back."

Well that could have been worse.



Drying my hair and I hear "Mama, I poo poo."



Life with a two year old isn't easy and kinda sucks at times, but he does make up for it--when he's sleeping.

HAHA I kid.

But the sleeping is always so cute. They are so calm, quiet and peaceful.

But most of the time, life is like this...

"Wanna go for a swim in baby powder?"

Hope life is a little less crazy for you out there in bloglandia,