Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 10: San Francisco & Carmel, CA

I can't believe we've been on this trip for 10 days! Sorry had to get that out!

Ok, so last night, I had a migraine (hence the short and probably boring post for day 9). I tend to get migraines a lot, so it wasn't much of a surprise (and no, I don't think it was the wine!). On top of that, ever since we left Anchorage my eye has been bothering me. My tear duct is swollen and hurts and tears pour out of it from time to time. Everyone probably thinks I'm crying! For a couple of days it stopped bothering me, so I figured I wouldn't worry. But after staying in the horrible hotel that smelled like gas and nursing home mixed together, it started acting up again.

It's worse today and we tried to go to an eye doctor, but they didn't have any appointments til 3:30 p.m. so we couldn't wait that long. Hopefully, I'll be able to get in somewhere tomorrow. Therefore, the day was off to a rough start. We did get some really great sleep though! FINALLY!

We embarked on our journey to San Francisco (SF), which was only about a little over an hour. We crossed into SF on the Golden Gate Bridge! That was pretty cool to finally see it! We didn't know you had to pay a $6 toll while traveling south on hwy 101.

Alcatraz is right across from the Golden Gate Bridge. We wished we would have been able to take a tour over to it or by it to get a more 'up close' look at it. Of course, we weren't surprised how many people there were in SF. People were walking, jogging, kiting, sailing and out and about walking all around the city. From our experience, MOST of these people are begging to get hit by cars! They walk and run out in front of cars expecting everyone to stop no matter what. So, that was a bit frustrating. And there were a couple of them that if I were driving, I might have 'accidentally' hit the gas to scare them a bit. Ok, I'm kidding, I'd never do that! But it does cross your mind!

It was so windy outside in San Fran. Both of us wore jackets, and my hair was going nuts. So, these pics aren't really the best!

We'd read about SF having the crookedest street in the world and took a drive down it. It was crazy curvy (5 mph was the speed limit), and of course, it made me nervous! (I didn't take this pic; pulled it from the net so you could see!). I videoed this, but it was sort of long and internet is slow at our hotel, so I'll upload later!

We stopped off at Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39 to walk around and do some shopping.

This is where the most unexpected thing happened. I'd joked earlier, while on the phone with my grandparents, that Klay gets hit on by gay guys a lot (because he has; he's a handsome guy so I don't blame them).

So, Klay and I were walking down the street holding hands, surrounded by people in Fishermans Wharf, when a girl walked passing us. While looking at me she said, "Hey sweetie," and said something else that at first we didn't quite catch. I just kept looking at her when we passed because I didn't really process it all at the moment.  We continued walking and Klay said, "What did she say?" And then it registered in my head (ding! ding! ding!), as I said to him, "She said, 'Hey sweetie... would you like another sweetie?'"

Klay said, "And you thought I would be the one that would get hit on!"

So that was an unexpected part of the day! After that experience, we continued walking and saw a bum (I tried to take a pic) with a sign that said "Why lie? I need a beer." At least he was telling the truth!

After we had both of those encounters in SF, we decided to head to the car. The dogs were in there waiting for us! It was time to go check on them. They seemed to be amused by San Francisco--both of them stared out the window the entire time.

We left SF heading toward Santa Barbara trying to find a place to stay. We ended up being in traffic for about 2 hours (it wasn't that bad because it was moving, but just slowly. So, that set us back. We went through Monterey to Carmel where we are staying tonight.

Santa Barbara is on our list for tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a nice day to wine, dine and spend time at the beach!

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