Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 4: Prince George, Whistler and Vancouver, baby!

The drive from Smithers to Prince George was extremely boring--or at least it was after driving the Cassiar Hwy. There were some pretty parts with some neat small towns, but most of the way it was mostly farming communities.

They were pretty, but I kept saying "I miss the Cassiar" to Klay most of the time.

After a few recommendations in the morning in Smithers and some friends of ours, we decided to detour through Whistler, BC and stay the night there. When we made this decision we were in the car leaving Smithers, so we had no idea what the town looked like, how large it was or any knowledge what-so-ever about it. All we knew was it was a beautiful place, a tourist town (home of the most recent Winter Olympics where Shawn White got the gold) with a gorgeous drive. And that was it.

We started on the gorgeous drive up, turning off before Cache Creek, and drove in between mountains surrounded by multiple rivers and creeks. We passed small towns in the mountains way out in the middle of nowhere. It was an absolutely stunning drive.

After stopping off along the way to take lots of pictures, we finally made it to Whistler at 9 p.m. It was a gorgeous town with tons of hotels and resorts--super lodgey looking and was a real ski town. People were everywhere and we made our way to four different hotels which were all booked. Guess it was just our luck cause it was Friday night. So, after the fourth failed attempt in Whistler, we decided to move forward.

On the way toward Vancouver, a silver porsche passed us, and somehow I got on the conversation of Robert Pattinson owning a green one, and then we got into where they were filming and everything. The silver porsche turned off in Squamish (a town 70 km outside of Vancouver) and headed toward Extended Stay Suites. We ended up stopping in Squamish at the Best Western because the drive started to wear on us. So, I went in the lobby to see if they allowed pets and had vacancies. The hotel receptionist said they were all booked too.

I asked, "Is it because of Whistler?"

"No," hotel receptionist said. "We're booked because film crews are staying here."

"Is it the 'Breaking Dawn' film crews?" I said.

"No, try Twilight," she said.

"Oh, really? It's the same thing. So, the film crews are here?"

She nods.

"Hmm, I wonder where the actors are staying..." I said.

"Oh, I'm not at liberty to say," she smiles.

I walked out and told Klay. His immediate reaction was I'm sure they weren't staying there (it wasn't the nicest of hotels). I doubted the actors were staying there too, and then he said "what if one of them were in the porsche?" I was like "REALLY?" Now, I'm going to be thinking about that. Anyway, to make a long story short, I got on and the guy who plays Carlisle Cullen, tweeted a picture of a sign that said "Bear spotted in the area. Please be careful."--or something.

Ashley Greene (Alice), Jackson Rathbone  (Jasper) and Kellen Lutz (Emmett) were all spotted in Vancouver Wednesday and Thursday. So, who knows where they are!

Anyway, after that last failed attempt in Squamish, we made it to Vancouver at night (which was crowded with people bar-hopping). We were so exhausted and looking for any place to stay. We had one more failed attempt, before finally finding a place that would take us in.

So the long night wasn't very much fun, but the drive in was a blast!  We decided from now on that we should really plan our trips, hotels & stops more throughly than before.

Tomorrow we get to experience Vancouver in the daytime! Yay!! =)

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