Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 2: Entering Canada (Yukon)

After a rough sleep in a motel, much like the one in the movie "VACANCY," we set off this morning unsure of where we wanted to end our day. Klay drove again, and we realized about two hours into today's journey that we were definitely lacking in the music department--both of us complaining about the other's choice in music (well, only a little bit). But luckily for us, we like MOST of the same music...but only MOST. The dogs are doing pretty good. It's just hard to get them to potty when we want them too and they whine/bark when one of us gets out of the car, but other than that they've done well.

I was filming when we thought we were 20 miles from the Canadian border, but it ended up being more like two. Little did we know that you leave Alaska, enter Canada and drive 20 miles already in Canada before hitting Customs (where they check our passport/info). It was kinda sad, for me, to leave Alaska. And there wasn't even a "Leaving Alaska" sign!

We got through Customs just fine, and pulled into a gas station in Beaver Creek, Yukon, where we encountered our first Canadian accent--and people thought I sound funny. We passed by Kluane Lake which seemed to go on for miles. I can't imagine what it looks like in the summer, because it was the prettiest place we've seen so far since our trip began.

Now to the wildlife. We saw some flying swans (that's what Klay said they were anyway), wild horses and some funny looking deer-like creatures. The dogs went crazy when we saw the deer-guys and scared some of them--wish I knew what they were called.

After being on the road for seven plus hours, we ended up in Whitehorse and are staying at the Westmark hotel--oh it's so nice! I couldn't be more excited to feel like I can actually relax. Tomorrow, we'd like to get to Bell 2 Lodge, which is about a ten-hour drive. We wanted to get farther today, but we couldn't pass up the chance to stay in nice hotel.

Canada definitely feels strange. It really feels like we're out of place! But we're ready to see what tomorrow brings, I should get off here and head to bed.

Stay tuned for more "From the road..." with the White's!