Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 9: Sonoma & Healdsburg, CA

After a horrible night's sleep, I couldn't wait to leave Fort Bragg. We left bright and early and entered wine country. Of course, we couldn't resist another 11 a.m. wine tasting!

We pulled into Saracina Winery in Mendocino County. We walked into a wine tasting cave (I guess that's what you would call it) with another group of people. The cave was pretty big and really cool.

We discovered that they were big winos, and the eight of them were really cool. They plan a trip to wine country every year. They had a spreadsheet with wineries to visit (on each day of their 5-day trip), with the phone numbers and addresses, cost of the wine tastings, etc. And they were nice enough to give Klay and I copies of their spreadsheets and maps for places to stop.

During the tasting, Klay didn't like any of the red wines. I used to not like them, but I thought some of them were pretty tasty (or perhaps after the sixth one). We ended up buying another bottle of wine (which makes three so far) at Saracina.

Then, we headed to Francis Ford Coppola Winery (the guy who directed "The Godfather." Yes, he has his own winery (actually, I think he has two). And this place was huge! He had a restaurant, bar, pool and memorabilia from his movies. They had they desk from "The Godfather" and costumes from "The Dracula."

We ate lunch at the Coppola winery, and it was pretty awesome. Then, we wanted to go to a nice hotel and just relax some more. Yesterday wasn't very relaxing, and I really need some sleep!

Both wineries were pretty neat, we might hit up a couple of more on the way to San Francisco tomorrow.

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