Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 5: Vancouver and back to the USA--Seattle & Port Angeles, WA

The long and rough night yesterday wore us out. So, we decided to sleep in til 9 a.m. to try to catch up on some much needed sleep--and for me, beauty rest (lord knows I need it!). When we woke up, it was a beautiful, sunny day with 60 degree weather in Vancouver! We drove around the city some and decided to take the pups for a walk by the one of the marinas. This has to be the most active city--or perhaps we caught it on a great day--because people were everywhere running, biking, jogging, rollerblading, skateboarding and in row boats (you name it, they were doing it).

We could definitely see why everyone lives in Vancouver. It really is a unique and beautiful place! We definitely wouldn't mind living there after experiencing that.

We'd already planned to leave and head to Seattle, but on the way back to the U.S. (which wasn't very far--about  50 km) we started wishing we would have stayed in Vancouver another night. It was so gorgeous, and we just wanted to put on our work-out gear and jog with the pups around the city.
But unfortunately we didn't; we headed to Washington instead. I drove to Seattle, once we crossed the U.S. border, and that was not fun. I get nervous in large cities, especially ones I've never been to, and Klay said I got 'brake happy' in the car.

But Seattle was also a cool place! Once we found a park right by the water, we started to dig it too. We tried to find gift shops in Vancouver and Seattle and literally had no luck. After a drive in downtown Seattle to the Space Needle, we decided to go to Forks (but stay in Port Angeles). It was supposed to be a pretty drive --and you know me with "Twilight," it was almost a must--and we'd never be so far up in Washington to get there again. It was only going to take 2 hours to get to Port Angeles and after driving from Alaska through Canada, it seemed like cake.
We ended up boarding a ferry in Edmunds to get across the bay to Kingston to get on Hwy 104 to Port Angeles(it's a lot faster, only 30 minutes, rather than going down to Olympia and around to Pt. Angeles). We've never boarded a ferry, so that was kind of a cool experience for us! The dogs stayed in the car, but we got to walk around and enjoy the view on the 30-minute ride over to Kingston.

When the ferry ride was over, we headed toward Port Angeles and arrived safely. I realized I was headed toward two places that understood my passion for "Twilight," when I saw this store in Port Angeles--which made me so excited for Forks in the AM! =)
Port Angeles was a pretty cool town with a great burger joint called Frugals. It was a cool town to stay overnight.
Stay tuned for more updates with us "From the road..."